awards given to students
9-12 Graders

Texas Junior Science & Humanities Symposium

Texas high school students present their original research in a professional arena.

Texas Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (TJSHS)

Presentation Schedule

All presenters should be in the room of presentation at least 2-3 talks prior to start time and be prepared to present in the event of an absence of an earlier presenter.

Presentation Time Category Name School Project Title
01/28/2022Behavioral and Social SciencesHarrison ConwayLutheran South AcademyAssociations between Childhood Bullying Victimization and Adult Income: Longitudinal Evidence from a Representative U.S. Sample
01/28/2022Behavioral and Social SciencesVivek KogilathotaReedy High SchooliPonder: A Multimodal Approach to Teen Mental Health Diagnosis and Therapy via Deep Transfer Learning and Computer Vision
01/28/2022Behavioral and Social SciencesStefan SalaicesColleyville Heritage High SchoolDon't trip; TRIPP! The Effect of a Virtual Reality Meditation Environment on Stress and Mindfulness
01/28/2022Behavioral and Social SciencesPranav SomaniAcademy of Science and TechnologyA Novel Biosignal Based System for Detection, Tracking, and Intervention for Anxiety Disorders
01/28/2022Behavioral and Social SciencesStephenie (Tessa) McCainConroe High SchoolBraille Legibility for the Late Blind: A Pilot Study
01/28/2022Behavioral and Social SciencesSidya PeddintiPlano East Senior High SchoolParkinsensor: Computer Vision-Based Incipient Diagnosis for Parkinson’s Disease
01/28/2022Behavioral and Social SciencesAndy QinJasper High SchoolEvidence of the Impact Voting Locations have on Election Results Using Regression Studies
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IAdithya KarthikJasper High SchoolSmart Security - Door Latch Alarm
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IPranav GortyIB World SchoolMachine Learning Model to Decide NBA Player Value
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics ISanuja ManageAcademy of Science and TechnologyNegative Binomial Regression to Model Dengue Cases using Weather Factors
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics INavya RamakrishnanPlano Senior High SchoolA Home Automation System for Neuromuscular Disorder Patients using Brain Computer Interface
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IShobhit AgarwalReedy High SchoolOmniDoc: A Multimodal Quantum Machine Learning Approach to Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment Prediction for Neurodegenerative and Cancerous Diseases
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IZachary WangA&M Consolidated High SchoolDeep Learning HDX Prediction
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IKyler LarsenA&M Consolidated High SchoolUsing Deep Learning Algorithms to Increase Frequency of Early Diagnosis for Pneumonia
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IHarshal BharatiaPlano Senior High SchoolAutonomous Learning: Tackling Expansive Mutating Domains
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IIAnisha ParsanWilliam P Clements High SchoolA Deep Learning Approach to the Classification of EEG Normality
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IITristen PoolGranbury High SchoolMachine Learning in Cancer Treatment: A Computational Oncology Method
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IISarang GoelCoppell High SchoolAI ASSIST FOR RADIOLOGISTS: A Smart, Automated Application Using Artificial Intelligence for COVID-19 Classification and Severity Prediction
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IIShreya ChaudharyKeystone SchoolUsing Artificial Intelligence to Predict Survival in Patients with Prostate Cancer
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IILeonardo de FariasSouthcrest Christian SchoolUsing Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Image Recognition to Program the Artificially Learned C-3BO: Cancer Blood Oncologist
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IINickhil PattikondaShepton High SchoolMaps App for the vision-impaired
01/28/2022Computer Science/Mathematics IIAditya ChebroluIndependence High School"FallWatch: A Novel Approach for Through-Wall Fall Detection in Real-Time for the Elderly Using Artificial Intelligence
01/28/2022EngineeringJuan Aldapa AvilaHarmony School of Excellence-LaredoThe Future of Fuels: Water
01/28/2022EngineeringEmily TroutmanTexas Academy of Mathematics and ScienceOptimizing Micro-Computer Architecture in the Arithmetic Logic Unit
01/28/2022EngineeringAnushka SridarIB World SchoolSMART Parkinson's Strap: To Dynamically Detect and Mitigate Tremors
01/28/2022EngineeringSiri PeddintiIB World SchoolPiRest- An Eye Fatigue Alert Device Using Computer Vision
01/28/2022EngineeringMoid MeghaniColleyville Heritage High SchoolConstructing and analyzing the efficiency of an adhesive based triboelectric nanogenerator
01/28/2022EngineeringStephen YangPlano West Senior High SchoolSAD-Net: Making Automated PCB Analysis Viable Using a Real-Time, Zero-Compromise Detection Model
01/28/2022EngineeringMukund RamachandranPlano West Senior High SchoolBuilding a Dual-Axis Solar Tracker Enabled by a Gradient Boosting ML Model to Increase the Electricity Generated by Solar Panels
01/28/2022EngineeringCatalina ZuoRock Hill High SchoolElectromagnetically Driven Uniaxial Stretching Device for Cardiovascular Study
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceScout SkaggsGranbury High SchoolA Hybrid Bioplastic and Its Properties
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceSatvika NadellaLowery Freshman CenterCarcinogens in Rice? A Novel Exploration of Arsenic Reduction in Grains
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceKiera OcampoJohn Jay Science & Engineering AcademySolar Panel Evaporative Cooling in the Splash Zone
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceManyaa BhatiaReedy High SchoolNovel Optimized Design for Battery Thermal Management Systems for Electric Vehicles using Phase-Change Materials Based Numerical Simulation
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceSriya TeerdhalaPlano East Senior High SchoolA Third Year Study on the Bioremediation of Tetracycline Polluted Soils
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceZoe YuAcademy of Science and TechnologyAn Automated Differentiation Method of Recycling Textiles via Hyperspectral Imaging
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceShreya HalbeJasper High School2-phase Comprehensive Analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Particulate Matter: Effects of Nano-layering on Liquid VOCs Using Catalytic Metal Oxides
01/28/2022Environmental ScienceShivani NathanJasper High School Evaluation of Agricultural Crop Residues as Cellulosic Sources for Future Use in Hydrogel Synthesis
01/28/2022Life SciencesSuran SomawardanaBASIS San Antonio ShavanoWearable Electrochemical Sweat Sensor for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Year II
01/28/2022Life SciencesShreya NairTexas Academy of Mathematics and ScienceA Y2H Screen to Identify Interactors of RGPA1 Gene that Confers Resistance to Aphids in A. thaliana
01/28/2022Life SciencesShriya BhatPlano East Senior High SchoolDeveloping a Non-toxic Quorum Quenching Cocktail Therapy to Combat Multispecies Biofilm
01/28/2022Life SciencesAnjali IyerPlano Senior High SchoolAntibiotic Apocalypse: The Treatment of Antibiotic-Resistant Diseases via ROS-mediated Cell Wall Damage through the Phytochemical Constituent Eugenol in a Drug Synergism
01/28/2022Life SciencesStephanie WangSeven Lakes High SchoolErgothioneine Protects Against β-Amyloid-Induced Neuronal Injury by Attenuating Neuroinflammation and Oxidative Stress in silico
01/28/2022Life SciencesAyushi MohantyRice UniversityIdentification and Characterization of the ESRE Pathway
01/28/2022Life SciencesRachel MammenPlano West Senior High SchoolPutting Pectin in Its Place: The Effect of Extracted Pectin Placement on a Shallow-rooted Seed in a Sand Growth Medium in Relation to Soil Moisture Retention and Plant Growth
01/28/2022Life SciencesAlex FlynnKeystone SchoolThe Effect of Allium sativum-Mediated Quorum Sensing Inhibition on Biofilm Formation and Growth of Mycobacterium smegmatis
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthAditya RaiPlano West Senior High SchoolNeuro: An Intelligent System for Rapid Detection of Neuronal Cells in Cases of Neurological Disorder
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthJoanna SohnKeystone SchoolThe Effects of Blue Light Exposure Prior to a Traumatic Brain Injury on Drosophila Melanogaster
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthNiraj SrivastavaKeystone SchoolInvestigating the Efficacy of Ilomastat with Temozolomide to Treat Glioblastomas
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthDiya ShahWilliams High School"I Thought It Was Just a Pimple": An Atypical Utilization of Machine Learning and Image Processing for Diagnosing Early Stages of Melanoma
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthElise DeutzA&M Consolidated High SchoolEarly evidence of Bone Loss and Frailty in older adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthMichelle YangReedy High SchoolMechanical stretch gradient dependant microvascular endothelium formation
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthShrey JoshiPlano East Senior High SchoolAnalyzing mpMRI Scans with AI & Radiogenomics to Aid Glioma Treatment
01/28/2022Medicine and HealthSwetha VelayuthamIB World SchoolThe Effect of PAR-4 on the Fertility and Progeny of Caenorhabditis as a Potential Therapeutic Agent
01/28/2022Physical SciencesSohi PatelAcademy of Science and TechnologyScalable and Sustainable Synthesis of a Novel, Bio-Based Polyurethane Foam System
01/28/2022Physical SciencesIshaan JavaliPlano East Senior High SchoolGlobal Landslide Forecasting and Susceptibility Mapping Using a New Dataset of Landslide Indicators
01/28/2022Physical SciencesAaron LiuSt. Marks School of TexasPhaseFinder: A Tool to Optimize Photonic Crystal Parameters for a Desired Phase Shift
01/28/2022Physical SciencesAithreya ThoppayReedy High SchoolA Novel Hydrophobic Corn Stover Sponge With the Implementation of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles and Various Alterations in Material Chemistry
01/28/2022Physical SciencesAnthony XuAllen High SchoolSynthesis and Characterization of Composite Polyurea Aerogels
01/28/2022Physical SciencesAlden PoolJohn Jay Science & Engineering AcademyInvestigating the Energy of Charcoal
01/28/2022Physical SciencesDavid ArnoldJohn Jay Science & Engineering AcademyWireless Energy Transfer Using Laser, Year 2
01/28/2022Physical SciencesKevin SunPlano West Senior High SchoolBiodegradable Plastics Made from Waste Biomethane