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6th Grade Girls

Expanding Your Horizons

Help young women open new doors by continuing in their math and science classes.

Career Exploration Workshops

Next Conference
  • 12/04/2021
  • 1st Floor Blocker Building
  • Texas A&M University
  • 9:00am: Registrants Check-In - 1st floor Blocker Building
  • 9:30am: Welcome/Opening for Registrants
  • 10:00-10:45am: Workshop I
  • 10:50-11:35am: Workshop II
  • 11:40-12:25pm: Workshop III
  • 12:30pm: Pizza and Punch Lunch (all are invited to stay and enjoy)
  • 1:00pm: Texas A&M Physics Show
  • 2:15pm: Closing Remarks
Batty For Science

Build a bat that can fly quickly and hear insect feet moving on the ground. Or build a bat that can hover and drink out of a flower with a really long tongue. Learn about how bats fly and capture food at night, the types of bats you might see in your own backyard and how you can help conserve these amazing animals!


Want to know how your brain works? Come and learn how different areas of the brain control specific functions of our bodies, such as movement, vision, and memory. Challenge yourself with fun optical illusions, observe how a grasshopper can "dance" to music, and participate in other mind-blowing activities! This workshop makes learning about neuroscience a no-brainer.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining

Have you ever wondered about how fossil fuels impact the Earth? Come join us to learn about pollution, mining and the greenhouse effect!

Citrus Circuits!

Have you ever tried making light with fruit that you can find in your own home? Come join us in this workshop where we will learn about circuits and electricity!

Coding for Fun!

Create an explosion of colorful bubbles or a delicate snowflake using Ninja like coding skills. Discover your inner coding power!


How does an egg survive being launched from a chicken, shipped in a carton, or dropped off the edge of a building? Come learn about design, architecture, and construction by exploring shapes and materials used in structures while building your own Egg Protection Device. Will YOUR egg survive the fall?

How to Train Your Electrons

Learn how Electrons can be trained in various experiments, demonstrations, and games. Save the Titanic Passengers! Magnetic Accelerator Race! 100 year old Internet! Alternative Energy! Morse Code Magic! R U You Pitch Perfect?

Let's Go Beyond the Stars!

Ever wondered what YOU could do in space? SWISE is happy to present a workshop to help you figure that out! This workshop will highlight Female pioneers in space exploration. From building rockets, satellites, spacesuits and more!

Melt Down!

In this workshop, we will melt tin and cast it in sand molds to make different shapes. We will learn about the exciting and long history of metals and how it is used to make many important products we use every day.

Miraculous Lady Beetles: Exploring the Insect World

Participants will be introduced to the study of entomology and the incredible biological diversity throughout the insect world. We will delve into how to identify insects, what distinguishes butterflies and moths, look at live insects, and even try some baked goods with insects on the ingredient list (if you dare)! Get excited to learn more about the biology, diversity, and the importance of insects in this workshop!

Space Lander Challenge

With the Space Lander Challenge, student teams build a lander using the Engineering Design Process to keep two ping pong "aliens" inside a cup as it is dropped from various heights. Usings various materials, students apply concepts of shock absorption, drag forces, and stability to create and test designs.

The DNA Kitchen

There’s DNA in every living organism! We’ll have a blast extracting some genetic maps from something you can find in your own kitchen.

To Roll or Slide, or to Stick or Slip? Bio-inspired Tribology

Did you know that gecko feet inspire sticky tape, tree frog toe pads inspire tire treads, sharkskin inspires Olympic swimsuits, and lotus leaves inspire self-cleaning surfaces? Come and explore the fascinating science and engineering behind friction, wear and lubrication. Take home the knowledge and skills to show off exciting new tricks to all your family and friends!

Veterinarians Have X-Ray Vision!

Veterinarians have super powers; they can see right through your pet! Students will learn how veterinarians utilize electromagnetic waves in the form of X-rays to diagnose and treat animals. Terminology related to radiography, an overview of anatomy, and a case study will enable participants to begin developing their own super powers.